ILOILO – Two men died in separate stabbing incidents yesterday in Estancia town.

An unidentified robber attacked the 25-year-old Ian Balasa in his house in Barangay Tanza.

On the other hand, the 36-year-old Rommel Valdoza was stabbed while asleep in his house in Barangay Daan Banwa.

Balasa and his wife were awoken by a noise in their living room at around 1:40 a.m.

When he checked, Balasa caught a man taking their valuables, Estancia police chief Senior Inspector Johnny Tumambing said, citing initial investigation.

The suspect then charged at Balasa, stabbing the latter on the left armpit and shoulder, said Tumambing.

“I believe the victim knew the suspect,” Tumambing said.

Police found the knife the suspect supposedly used a few meters from the house.

They believe the suspect entered the house by destroying a glass jalousie window.

Around an hour later, Valdoza was killed. He died of stab wounds on the left armpit and left side of the body.

Tumambing said they already identified the suspect, who managed to escape.

“Valdoza’s mother saw the suspect leave the house,” the officer said. “We have to withhold [the suspect’s name] pending a manhunt operation.”/PN


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