7 businesses padlocked for tax violations – BIR

February 13, 2018

ILOILO City – Seven business establishments in this city were padlocked last year for tax violations.

They failed to declare and pay the right taxes, said Regional Director Alberto Olasiman of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).

Olasiman, however, begged off from identifying these establishments.

Three of the seven establishments eventually managed to pay their tax deficiencies and so they were allowed to resume their operations.

“Those that did not pay will remain closed until they pay their tax deficiencies,” said Olasiman.

BIR has intensified its “Oplan Kandado” by strictly imposing prescribed administrative sanctions for non-compliance with the basic tax requirements.

Created through Revenue Memorandum Order No. 3-2009, the program covers all establishments not complying with the essential requirements such as:

* declaration of taxable transactions

* taxpayer registration

* issuance of receipts

* filing of returns

* paying of the correct taxes

Teams were created in BIR regional and district offices to monitor and penalize business firms that fail to declare and pay the right amount of taxes.

Olasiman warned businesses to comply with the essential requirements so they will not face sanctions, especially closure.

According to the BIR director, they sometimes received information from taxpayers about certain tax under-declaration of establishments.

“I can issue an order for these establishments to be covered by tax surveillance,” said Olasiman. (PNA)


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