ILOILO City – A 22-year-old lad swore to high heavens an aswang attacked him early morning yesterday. He was thankful to have survived the assault.

Jeepoy Taberna, a household staff at the Fajardo Compound on Q. Abeto Street, Mandurriao district, was sleeping on his stomach at the second floor terrace of the Fajardo residence when something or someone landed on his back and started strangling him.

The attack woke him up, said Taberna, and he felt pain on his neck.

Whoever or whatever was strangling him had very sharp nails or claws and very strong in gripping his neck from behind, said Taberna.

It was around 4:30 a.m. and still dark. Taberna said he could not see his attacker’s face.

“Gulpi lang may nagsakay sa akon likod nga pwerte kapagros, madanlog ang lawas kag tuman kalaba sang kuko,” he told Panay News.

He tried to free himself from the tight grip of what he believed was an aswang. He struggled and put up a fight for some three minutes but it felt like an eternity, he said.

“Nagwalak-walak ako. Ginsiko-siko ko sia gani, tapos nagabatu mangod. Nagwa ako tapos pagdalagan ko ginhawiran ‘ya ako. Pero nakasinggit ako nga ‘aswang, aswang,’” said Taberna.

His cry for help appeared to have panicked the attacker as it released him and jumped from the terrace to the ground some 10 feet below.

Taberna was convinced his attacker had supernatural powers. After landing on the ground even from a considerable height, the so-called aswang appeared unhurt and quickly climbed over the high concrete fence of the compound and disappeared into the darkness.

Another household staff who got awakened by Taberna’s shouts for help claimed to have seen the aswang jumped over the fence to flee.

It was a man who had no shirt on and wearing only a pair of shorts, he said.

Taberna sustained scratches and bruises on the neck. He said these were caused by the aswang’s sharp nails.

He believed the aswang had long been intending to attack him.

“Antes pa matabo ang pag-atake sang aswang, makapila na ‘ko makabati sang tiktik pero wala ko lang ginsapaka kay abi ko pispis langi,” Taberna said./PN


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