Wednesday, November 8, 2017

ILOILO City – The Christmas season is often coupled with the rapid inflation of prime commodities, but this year prices will remain largely stable, assures a Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) executive.

“If you are asking ‘Paano [ang mga presyo] nitong Christmas?’ Well, we some have good news,” said DTI undersecretary for the Consumer Protection Group Atty. Teodoro Pascua. “We have been able to talk to-manufacturers… and practically all of them have expressed to DTI that they will not change their prices.”

DTI on Monday released a list of suggested retail prices (SRP) of Noche Buena items.

According to a report on GMA’s “Unang Balita,” the SRP for Noche Buena items are as follows:

  • Cheese – P42.10 to P588.50
  • Creamer – P43 to P69
  • Fruit cocktail – P46.10-P214.25
  • Ham – P137 to P949
  • Keso de bola – P149.60 to P459
  • Macaroni – P15.25 to P93.45
  • Mayonnaise – P28 to P257.25
  • Sandwich spread – P20 to P196
  • Spaghetti noodles – P20.60 to P88
  • Spaghetti sauce – P19.10 to P83.30
  • Tomato sauce – P11.90 to P75.90

Prices will still depend on the brand, variant, and the weight of the product, explained DTI.

Pascua explained in an earlier press conference in Iloilo City that both pasta and tomato sauce producers have assured they will not hike their prices, despite the expected rise in demand as the holiday season looms.

“Meanwhile, when it comes to fruit cocktails, both Dole and Del Monte have expressed no intentions for a price increase,” the executive told reporters during an event for DTI’s Consumer Welfare Month.

The DTI official cited ham and dairy products as the only items that could potentially increase their prices as December approaches.

Yung [dairy products], may isang nag-request na tumaas, Alaska, but we are still studying if we should allow or not the increases for their evaporated milk, condensada, and queso de bola products,” he explained.

“For ham, San Miguel and King Sue, they asked can to increase their prices by about 4 percent, because of the dollar exchange rate, but we are still studying it. On the whole, for the usual items we consume for Christmas, their prices remain the same,” guaranteed the consumer protection executive.

Pascua largely attributes the slow inflation to the fair competition in the Philippine food market.

“For the holiday season, we look forward with positive expectations because of thriving competition. More competition means more competitive prices and more benefits for the consumers. Among the rights of a consumer is the right to choose.”/PN


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