Friday, April 21, 2017


TOMORROW, April 22, the country marks Earth Day. But really, the date should not matter. We should in fact make everyday “Earth Day” to preserve Mother Earth.

Initiated by a US senator in 1970, Earth Day has become a global celebration observed worldwide aimed at promoting the rehabilitation of the environment. It began at a time when the green movement was just starting. Now, the spirit behind the celebration needs to permeate our everyday lives to be effective.

We should do “green acts” on a daily basis for truly, we all must live a sustainable and Earth-friendly lifestyle not just on Earth Day but everyday. There are numerous ways to do this. In preserving our environment, no act is too small.

For example, even at home we can sort through trash accumulated during one day. The point is to dig through and weigh the trash, then separate what could have been recycled. Anyone can take the dive into the accumulation of plastic bags, bottles, papers, etc. This is a very simple yet productive and creative way to help the environment, and this yields tangible results.

If you are a student, for example, don’t be the kid who throws away scratch paper or plastic bottle when there is a recycling bin a few feet away. When you’re the last person to leave a classroom, turn the lights (or electric fan) off. If you are an office employee, stop buying bottled water and bring reusable containers instead. See?

There are many other simple ways to “live green.”  It’s not rocket science.



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