SAN JOSE, Antique – Create a task force to monitor dynamite fishing in the municipal waters.
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Regional Office 6 director Remia Aparri will reach out to the local government of San Jose de Buenavista to train members of the task force.
Aparri said they will coordinate with Mayor Elmer Untaran.
“We will also intensify the information and education campaign to make fishermen aware of the hazards of dynamite fishing,” Aparri added.
Dynamite fishing was reported to be rampant between the waters of San Jose de Buenavista and Cuyo Island.
The issue was raised during a dialogue between the locals and Agriculture secretary Emmanuel Piñol on Aug. 9 at the Hamtic Gymnasium.
Fishers from Batbatan Island were believed to be the perpetrators of the illegal activity, the residents claimed.
Sea patrol activities must be intensified, Piñol stressed.
He also promised to give 15 patrol boats for Antique during the dialogue. (PNA)


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