Thursday, January 12, 2017

ILOILO City – Militant Ilonggas oppose the proposed P6 excise tax on diesel and any tax increase on petroleum products.

“Tax increase on petroleum products is anti-poor and anti-women. We are already laden by the price hikes on oil and basic commodities that we cannot afford to buy some of our necessities,” said Roxanne Javellana-Arsaga, chairperson of Gabriela-Iloilo City.

Oil companies are merely passing on the burden to consumers by adding the tax to the actual price, she added.

“The tax will also affect the prices of basic commodities and women will suffer the most for they are in-charge of the budgeting yet our income and wages are not increasing” warned Arsaga.

Budget secretary Benjamen Diokno said the Duterte administration needs additional revenues for infrastructure programs that he said would costs from P8 trillion to P9 trillion.

“This is contrary to the promise of the President who packaged himself as different from previous administrations and upholds the interests of the majority of the Filipino People by tagging himself as socialist and left” said Arsaga.

Her group urged the President to re-consider the plan.

“We support the progressive policies of this administration but we will surely oppose anti-people policies,” said Arsaga./PN


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