Friday, April 21, 2017



ILOILO City – The municipal police chiefs of Oton and Guimbal in Iloilo province will be charged with negligence and abandonment of posts while the police organization was on full alert status. 

According to Senior Superintendent Christopher Tambungan, deputy regional director for operations of the Police Regional Office 6 (PRO-6), he himself will be preparing the complaint. 

The police chiefs were Chief Inspector Dennis Pamonag of Oton and Inspector Antonio Monreal of Guimbal. 

Tambungan checked their police stations on Easter Sunday. He said the two were not around.

Worse, their police stations were dirty, he added.

“Unfair kasi. Kami kahit Holy Week nag-duty pa kami to secure the public tapos sila wala sa posts nila,” said Tambungan.

He also said he caught a desk officer of the Oton police station not wearing the proper police uniform and sporting a moustache.

“I’m so dismayed,” said Tambungan.

He reminded other police stations to keep their offices clean and continuously manned.

“Hindi natin dapat iwan ang station natin,” said Tambungan./PN



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