A despicable woman

NO OTHER persona has ever been maligned and despised by the public in Philippine politics other than Leni Robredo. Gosh, I could not even address her as vice president of this republic. I cringe in shame to give her that due recognition since we know she is a phony – from her dyed hair down to the tips of her toes.

Leni was conceived before the start of 2016 presidential elections. The Liberal Party could not think of anyone they could team up with former senator Mar Roxas as his vice presidential partner hence they started scouting someone immaculately clean. The adopted daughter of the late Fernando Poe Jr., also known as the king of Philippine cinema, was first considered the best contender as this woman had also a penchant for making the dead rise from the grave.

As it turned out Sen. Grace Poe had also her own personal agenda – to become president of the country herself. It was an ultimate goal of someone whose birth story originated straight from the front door of a convent somewhere in the suburban area of the City of Love. All the ingredients needed for cinematic effects qualified her story, good enough to make a movie. It could have been a blockbuster had her adopted mother Susan Roces, an adorable movie queen during her prime, decided to produce a movie exploiting her daughter’s humble beginnings.

But just the same, in later years the movie queen used this as an opportunity to lure innocent citizens of their precious votes in favor of Poe who was then running for a senatorial position. What Susan had lost for her husband, she got compensated for her daughter’s political victory. Even the questionable citizenship of Poe raised by a respectable professor from De La Salle University, Antonio P. Contreras, was overwhelmed by a great number of sympathy votes. For them Poe was an underdog, a victim of discrimination and prejudice. The rest was history.

But unlike Sen. Grace Poe, Leni Robredo’s political victory is shrouded with mystic. This woman is an alien to millions of Filipino voters. She’s never been formally introduced as the wife of the late Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Jessie Robredo even before her husband’s death from a plane crash under mysterious circumstances. She just sprouted like a lone mushroom from the wilderness of Naga City.

Strangely, her husband’s tragic death had never bothered Leni at all. She never raised a howl of protest, neither showed emotional outburst in public, cursing those responsible for Jessie’s tragic death. She took everything hook line and sinker whatever the government under PNoy’s administration fed her.

As if on cue, Leni capitalized on her husband’s heroic image praising the latter to immortality by putting up a foundation to preserve his legacy. Not contented, the wife commissioned a well-known artist to install a life-size statue of Jessie in the tradition of the cultist husband and wife, Ninoy and Cory, respectively. Jessie’s life-size statue is now prominently installed in a museum in Naga named after him. It was her intention to remind citizens of Naga in particular, and the whole Bicol region in general, that once there was a hero who died for us, and thus we must revere and love. Oh my, Peter, Paul and Mary, my ass.

When picked by the Liberal Party syndicate to team up with Mar Roxas, the demure Leni at first was reluctant to accept the offer. Of course, it was all for show.

In succeeding events, from her proclamation up to the present, Leni didn’t live up to her position as a lady in waiting. Despicably horrible. ([email protected]/PN)


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