AC Energy boosts aid for Region 6 communities

AC ENERGY AID FOR VISAYAS. A new batch of medical supplies and equipment arrive in Guimaras.
AC ENERGY AID FOR VISAYAS. A new batch of medical supplies and equipment arrive in Guimaras.

ILOILO City – In its latest string of initiatives to mitigate the impact of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), AC Energy is extending aid to communities in Iloilo and Guimaras, providing critical relief for strained healthcare systems, educational support for the communities, and environmental rehabilitation.

Critical medical supplies

In a show of solidarity with its host communities and nearby towns, AC Energy donated a new batch of medical supplies and equipment to the offices of Iloilo City’s Mayor Jerry Treñas and Guimaras’ Gov. Samuel Gumarin to boost their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Integrated Micro-Electronics’ UCL Ventura Flow Generators, the first locally-developed and Food and Drug Administration-certified ventilation device manufactured in the Philippines, a Nextractor NX-48, an automatic extraction system used for COVID testing, and sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) suits were recently turned over by AC Energy.

The donations were part of a broader initiative by the energy company to assist the hardest hit vulnerable communities.

AC Energy and the Ayala Group also took part in Project Ugnayan, a fund-raising initiative together with more than 30 conglomerates and in partnership with the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation and Caritas Manila, raising a total of P1.5 billion to assist the most vulnerable in society.

“Only by working together for the common good can we end this pandemic,” said AC Energy executive director and head of Plant Operations Gabby Mejia. “We recognize the unprecedented crisis that our country is facing right now, and these programs are a testament to what we can achieve if we all work together to aid the most vulnerable.”

Brigada ng Ayala: Supporting students and teachers

To help ensure that students in host communities will have what they need to stay safe during the pandemic, AC Energy, together with the Ayala Foundation, will kick off the Brigada ng Ayala initiative as a unified response to the Department of Education’s Brigada Eskwela and Oplan Balik Eskwela programs.

Health and hygiene packs called “Ayala EduCare packs” will be given to students of 122 schools across Iloilo and Guimaras. Each pack contains vitamins, alcohol, soap, washable facemasks, disposable facemasks and instructional materials on protecting oneself from COVID-19.

By wearing face covers, practicing social distance and washing hands regularly, the company aims to keep infection down within these communities.

Meanwhile, reams of bond paper to be used for printing learning materials of students will also be distributed to schools within the host communities. This will go a long way in aiding teachers provide materials for the modular learning program.

Mangrove rehabilitation

In the Iloilo towns of Dumangas and Leganes where a large part of the locals live and work along coastal areas, AC Energy recently firmed up a partnership with the local government to rehabilitate abandoned fishponds to serve as breeding ground for the fish, and to restore the mangrove forests, an important need for biodiversity.

As mangroves act as buffers that line the coastal area, protecting them means protecting the communities from storm surges, tidal waves and other extreme weather disturbances. Mangroves also provide an essential habitat for thousands of species. They stabilize shorelines and prevent erosion while protecting the land.

“We have a very, very good start of partnership with AC Energy for our mangrove rehabilitation program,” said Dumangas’ Mayor Ronaldo Golez. “We really appreciate their support for us to build up our natural sea defenses and eventually promote our municipality as an eco-tourism destination./PN


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