Albayalde: More than 30 WV cops involved in drugs

ILOILO City – Of the 391 police officers across the country that President Rodigo Duterte said were in the government’s drug watch list, more than 30 were from Region 6, according to Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, General Oscar Albayalde.

Some of these policemen already left the police service or became inactive, said Albayalde during a visit yesterday.

He also did not specify the provinces or cities in the region the policemen were from.

Albayalde said the Philippine National Police’s counterintelligence division is tracking these policemen “so that we can gather evidence then file charges against them.”

“Pwede silang mag-surrender for adjudication,” said Albayalde but warned them to stop their illegal activities.

They could be dismissed from the service, he said.

The President’s list covered the July 2016 to August 2019 period, At first it had around 800 cops, of whom 441 were already inactive or removed from service, said Albayalde./PN


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