Alex Gonzaga on ‘cutting line’ incident: There was no issue

A netizen claims thatAlex Gonzaga had cut in her line while on queue for the immigration counter at the airport, which prompted a friend to bash the host-actress.

Kagaspangan ng ugali mo nag-umpisa ka naman wala ka patawad pati friendship ko...” said the netizen in response to one of Alex’s posts on her Twitter account. 

The netizen attached a screenshot of a certain traveler’s Facebook post, saying Alex had allegedly cut her in line at the airport.

“Alex Gonzaga just tried to cut me at the immigration queue,” the user said. “What’s with entitled Filipino celebrities?”

Alex had initially tweeted about the heavy traffic and how she ended up having to buy new plane tickets.

“Anyare sa Pasig? Grabe traffic two hours na kami dito. Bought new tickets because our tickets are non-refundable and re-bookable, anyway naisip ko halos four and a half hours ako papunta sa airport, same time ng haba ng flight papuntang Japan! Ang galing talaga.

 “I wish I could talk to the lady who was in front of us in the immigration,” Alex said. “She knew what happened. My mom was very polite and even asked her if she could go through the other counter. When she was about to cross the yellow lane the lady cut my mom and said siya dapat.

She ended her explanation to clarify that there was no issue to begin with. “My mom let her pass,” Alex said. “There was no issue. Nakakalungkot kailangan niya palakihin. Anyway, I said my piece. Off to positivity and my trip.” (


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