Biron may have the last laugh

REP. FERJENEL Biron has all the reasons to file an election protest against the proclamation of Cong. Arthur “Toto” Defensor Jr. as governor-elect of Iloilo. One of reasons he cited was glaring electoral fraud.

A gentleman that he is, Biron could have conceded gracefully. But the stink of May 13 was too much. And yes, some people have magical powers and have perfected the craft through the years, election after election.

In the 1st District for example, vote-buying was rampant. Enormous amounts were doled out to barangay officials such as in the town of Oton. Sad to say that the Garins whom Biron had trusted too much didn’t even left a finger.

Information reached me that sacks of money were delivered to a resort in Oton right at the back of incumbent Mayor Carina Flores.

But in fairness to Mayor Flores, she was not in a position to make crucial decisions such as this one because, first and foremost, she was not the one calling the shots.

I vehemently refuse to call Mayor Flores a puppet.  I have so much respect and love for this amazing woman. We may have different political leanings in the past, supporting different political personalities, but I see to it that those won’t be a hindrance to our friendship. After all, I’ve been an adopted son of Oton, ang banwa ko for more than three decades being married to an Ogtonganon lass.

As always, my friendship with Mayor Flores is beyond politics.

Going back to Governor-elect Arthur Defensor Jr., I have this to say: Not so fast, dude. If you think you won in an honest electoral process, think about it a hundred times. And go ask your father. Go ask the regional and provincial police forces. It would be an interesting conversation for sure.

Or go ask the famous Mr. Manuel Mejorada if you care to dig deeper to reach the bottom of the truth. You both can start discussing about the Ministry of Education then the Presidential Commission on Good Government.  But I doubt if you have the guts.

At the moment, enjoy the euphoria. But God willing, Congressman Biron may have the last laugh. ([email protected]/PN)


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