Boracay must adopt ‘green building’ – DENR

Boracay will once again accommodate local and foreign tourists beginning Oct. 26 – its scheduled reopening after a half-year rehabilitation. AKLAN FORUM JOURNAL

BORACAY – Environment officials are urging stakeholders in this island resort to adopt “green building.”

This initiative will help in significantly reducing carbon emissions in Boracay, according to DENR undersecretary Sherwin Rigor.

Green building refers to the practice of building structures using processes that are resource-efficient and environmentally-friendly.

These processes cover the structures’ complete life cycle – from designing, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, and deconstruction.

Ang purpose nito is to reduce carbon footprints of the existing buildings in Boracay Island,” said Rigor. “Malakas ang carbon footprints dahil conventional or brick and mortar ang present structures dito. The weight of the structures affecting the environmental geo-hazard ng ating island.”

In a study, the high costs of initial design construction materials and government regulations are listed as main challenges in developing green building concepts in Asia.

Rigor presented the idea during on Sept. 28 before a committee hearing in Boracay.

He also presented the plans for Boracay’s soft opening that from Oct. 15 to 25. Only local tourists will be allowed to enter the island during the period.

Rigor reiterated that Boracay can only accommodate 55,757 people per day – 19,215 of which are tourists while the other 36,542, workers and residents.

The government will strictly impose policies that will monitor that island’s daily carrying capacity, Rigor added.

Boracay is scheduled to reopen on Oct. 26 – six months after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered it shut to pave the way for its rehabilitation. (With Aklan Forum journal/PN)


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