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Thursday, April 13, 2017

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IN EVERY year, we are given a few days to reflect and get in touch with ourselves. This is the period we call Holy Week.

The essence of Holy Week is for us to spend time with our loved ones. This is also a time we take a breather from our usual routine. Most of all this is the time to appreciate silence as we get in touch with our souls. This is also the time we commemorate Jesus’ journey to the cross to save all the sinners.

In my case, Holy Week is a time to reflect on the life I have lived. Thoughts like “life is short” and “spend your life as if it’s your last” come to mind most of the time. Our parents always tell us that we should spend our lives doing good because no one knows when our lives will end.

Holy Week makes us ponder how we spend the 365 days given to us. Do we make other families and friends happy? Do we give our best in our work? Do we help those who need our help? Do we comfort those who are sad?

Or do we do the opposite? Instead of spreading good vibes, do we cause pain to others and are apathetic of the situation of others?

If there is something we can do to correct our mistakes, we must not put it off; we may not have the chance to do it anymore. We must save ourselves from regrets.

Furthermore, while Jesus suffers, we must also join him by letting go of our selfishness, self-centeredness, and all our sins. We must offer a sacrifice. Instead of spending the whole day surfing the net and checking our social media accounts, why don’t we spend the time praying and enjoying the company of our family?

Instead of spending the day at the mall, spend the day in a quiet place where you can sit in silence, look at the sunset, and appreciate nature.

Instead of eating in expensive restaurants, savor the goodness of your mom’s lutong bahay.

Jesus is not asking us to make grand sacrifices. In our own little way, we can join Jesus in his hour of pain.

There are other months of the year when we could do other activities. We must spend Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday with the Lord. Let us attend church services and avoid doing things that lead us to commit sin.

Let us offer our friendship to Jesus and journey with him. After all, we are the reasons Jesus offered his life.

“Trust in His timing, rely on His promises, wait for His answers, believe in His miracles, rejoice in His goodness, and relax in his presence.”

Have a blessed Holy Week. ([email protected]/PN)





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