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By day, Farrah Duremdes Terazona wears the noble mantle of a nurse, and by night, she dons the helmet of a delivery rider.

The Double Life: A Nurse’s Journey on Two Wheels

BY MAI LADIAO In the whirlwind of life, there exist women who embody resilience and dedication in the face of adversity. One of them is...
Metapocyrtus (Orthocyrtus) bifoveatus, a newly rediscovered species of weevil that was last sighted on Negros Island in the Philippines 100 years ago. PHOTO CREDIT: TOM TERZIN

Weevils, thought to be extinct, found in Negros rainforest

By Bev Betkowski, University of Alberta via Phys.org A UNIVERSITY of Alberta researcher has unearthed two species of weevils—one new and one thought to have...
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