Cheers! To 42 years; Panay News, Inc. 2022 Year-Ender

Year-end gatherings are part of a company culture that, for the most part, celebrates successes.

Panay News went beyond and took this opportunity to look back at the everyday forces that relentlessly make it the No. 1 regional newspaper.

There were activities that boosted everyone’s sense of unity and passion for excellence.

An annual conference was held where employees looked back on the company’s mission and vision.

Panay News made sure employees’ voices were heard as well. For every shortcoming acknowledged, solutions were proposed. Every department also laid out their plans for the following year.

Each took it to heart that carrying the Panay News brand, built over decades of competence, is no easy task but one that brings much pride.

There was also a team-building session. It provided a venue for everyone to bond through get-to-know games and value alignment workshops.

The activities aided everyone in identifying both strengths and areas for improvement. Self- and team awareness, the importance of effective communication, and mental health and psychological safety were also tackled.

In the evening, a retro-themed party jam-packed with all the raffle prizes, parlor games, and a talent show celebrated hard work.

As a news outlet comprised of people who closely work together, it was also a celebration of family.

The Panay News team surely spent the day with appreciation for the efforts of everyone and a mindset to conquer more for an improved organization.

For their dedication, especially after going through the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, Panay News extends its utmost gratitude to: Edgar V. Abunas (Web Machine Operator), Regie G. Badello (Web Machine Operator), Javier T. Laurente (Web Machine Operator), Rex L. Sorial (Web Machine Operator), Geovanni T. Fajardo (CTP Machine Operator), Ricardo F. Jabonillo Jr. (Operator/Gatekeeper), Ludovico L. Laguartilla Jr. (Driver), Carlos V. Badilles (Newsboy/Rider), Roger B. Solinap (Rider/Liaison Officer), Edrael L. Taberna (Rider/Liaison Officer), Caryl M. Espada (General Manager), Mary Zohayda L. Baltazar (HR/Admin Supervisor), Roanie F. Dunggon (Senior Account Executive), Lucila M. Fajardo (Account Executive-Manila), Lechelle J. Bonito (Direct Sales Officer), Edmar C. Viado (Direct Sales/Credit and Collection Officer), Mayflor D. Nufuar (Finance Supervisor), Leah Lyn P. Fajardo (Marketing Manager), John Patrick T. Panizales (Web Administrator), Rex J. Maestrecampo (Editor-in-Chief – Panay News), Ime S. Sorial (News Writer/Journalist), Glenda S. Tayona (News Writer/Journalist), Ma. Darlene D. Torres (Editor-in-Chief – Watchmen Daily Journal), Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga (News Writer/Journalist), and Mae E. Singuay (News Writer/Journalist).

An award was also given to Gerald S. Malunhao for showing craftsmanship on his projects.

For their invaluable commitment, the company would never forget to reciprocate the efforts given by: Roger B. Solinap (Service Award – 5 years), Carlos V. Badilles (Service Award – 5 years), Ludovico L. Laguartilla Jr. (Service Award – 5 years), Regie G. Badello (Service Award – 10 years), Ramil Sotomil (Service Award – 15 years).

And for going above and beyond the call of duty, the Exceptional Service Award was given to Rex J. Maestrecampo (Editor-in-Chief – Panay News) and Mary Zohayda L. Baltazar (Circulation Supervisor).


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