Dao local shot dead

ROXAS City – He was trying to pacify a commotion in Barangay Quinayuya, Dao, Capiz when he was shot dead, police said.

The 38-year-old resident Florencio Facto sustained a gunshot wound on the right thigh, the police added.

He was brought to the Sen. Gerardo Roxas District Hospital in Dao where the attending physician declared him “dead on arrival.”

The suspect was identified as the victim’s second cousin Gil Baticbatic. 

According to police investigation, Facto was on his way to a sari-sari store on board his motorcycle when he chanced Leo Farnaso and Baticbatic having a heated argument – both are his second cousins.

“Nag-panaog sya sa iya motor kag gin saway ang duha nga mag-untat inaway kay mag-palariente, pero wala sya nag-expect nga tirohon sya ni Baticbatic,” said municipal police station chief Captain Efren Yu-ing.

Baticbatic was reportedly drunk when the incident happened, Yu-ing added.

Officers of the Dao police station conducted a manhunt operation against Baticbatic, who fled after the incident./PN


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