DTI-Negros warns stores to avoid ‘overpricing’ Noche Buena items

BACOLOD City – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Negros Occidental warned stores to avoid overpricing Noche Buena items.    

Romel Amihan, senior trade and industry development specialist of DTI-Negros Occidental, said on Thursday that grocery stores and supermarkets should comply with the new suggested retail prices (SRPs) for the goods.  

“If not, they might be charged with profiteering,” Amihan added.

He said they began distributing copies of the new SRPs to local establishments, particularly in Bacolod – which hosts most of the grocery stores and supermarkets in the province.

“We continue to urge consumers to be vigilant by checking the prices of the products they purchase, to see if these are within the SRPs,” Amihan added.

Beginning Oct. 31, the DTI released the new SRPs for ham, fruit cocktail, cheese, sandwich spread, mayonnaise, queso de bola, spaghetti, macaroni, spaghetti sauce, tomato sauce, and creamer.

Some branded products increased their prices due to higher cost of production.

Prices of ham range from P135 to P1,025, depending on the brand and weight, while fruit cocktail costs from P50.35 to P239.40.

Other products such as cheese can be bought from P49.50 to P269.50; sandwich spread, P21.05 to P205.80; mayonnaise, P28 to P283; queso de bola, P169 to P539; spaghetti, P19 to P92; macaroni, P18.75 to P98.65; spaghetti sauce, P22 to P84.20; tomato sauce, P12.25 to P78.25; creamer, P52 to P75.(With a report from PNA/PN)


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