Happy Mother’s Day

Of all the heroes we will come to meet, we begin by being under the care of one, our dearest mothers. Tending a life before conception and loving it with all their might after. Truly, no one can deny the insurmountable number of efforts mothers have to exert.

To celebrate, Panay News collected letters written and dedicated to all the mothers out there. Be filled with love, as the world recollects this day and on for everything you’ve done. Happy Mother’s day!

Happy Mother’s Day Nay! I love you and be safe always! – Anna Mae Estrada
“I wanted to Thank my Mom for everything not just on mother’s day but everyday because she continues to love me endlessly. She was the most strongest woman that I have ever known because despite having to endure so much pain she never failed to still give me all the love she can, provides me with helpful advices in life and gives me endless support on the things that I take interest in. She was very selfless because she always prioritize me more than herself. Her attention on me never subside even up as of current and even forever as she always says. She helped me became the woman that I am today. I love you Mom. Happy Mothers Day!”
“Mother’s day is another day, another minute, another moment to show you how much you mean to me. But if I were to be honest, you are more than just my mother. You are my early morning fights, my nonstop cheerleader, and more importantly, you are the person that always reminds me of the good in people. There are so much things that I’d like to tell you but there is so little words that I could think of that perfectly explains how much you mean to me. Just know that deep down in my heart, underneath the cracks and the coldness, you will always be my queen mother and that I will always love you to the moon and back.”
To my genuine and ever-true Nanay Nelly, happy mothers’ day and happy birthday. We might not be able to give hugs to each other anymore but I always hold you dear in my heart and memory. You’ve been a brave woman, a mother who taught me how to fight amidst the hardships of this life. Thank you for sheltering me and treating me like your true child. I will always cherish the principles you and Tatay Eddie taught me and that is to be a man who stands for his principles in life. I miss you and tatay everyday though it breaks my heart to be away from you, I will keep myself strong because you raised me so well and I won’t ever forget a single thing of your guidance. You are my true angel—unfiltered, real and a brave woman. Sending my prayers and love everyday above. -Kenken
To the mother that raised me and the mother that taught me: Being a mother means caring for your child and nurturing their potential, doing your best to make sure they would become a success. That was what you did for me.
Mommy, the mother that took care of me, you did everything to make me happy, especially in my loneliest of hours. A perpetual shoulder to cry on for bullies, failures, and difficult decisions.
Mama, the mother that gave me life, you taught me the value of finding my worth and capitalizing on it. A figurehead that inspired me to persevere through hardship and to stay firm in my goals.
[Both of you have equally contributed so much to my life and one without the other doesn’t make sense. It gives me great pride to say “I have two mothers.”]
No amount of money nor praise will ever compensate what both of you have done for me. All I can do is promise that I won’t waste the time, effort, and love that you’ve put into me and send it back into the world, hoping that it makes a positive change. I love you, happy Mother’s Day to you and to all other mothers out there!

More than a year has been passed since you left this world, but it seems to me that it was like yesterday. I promise to commemorate your death by having a full black profile picture on Facebook for me to always remember you. Now marks the end of it.
We loved you Lola Ely in heaven and to Lola Nely who is also in heaven nga naging parti man sang kabuhi namon who takes care of us before Lola Ely. You have raised a good great-granddaughter and sons. I love you!
Kag sa amon ilaw nang tahanan nga daw subra gid ka sanag ang iya presensya kay makita yagid ang gakalatabu sa sulod balay, you always have a place in our hearts even though you are in abroad since we were little. We may not felt the warmth and comfort of you physically since you want us to have a better and stable life financially, but we feel it emotionally and mentally by doing what your best out there.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Dearest Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! We may not see things eye to eye most of the time. But let it be known to the whole world that we love you very much! You nurtured us, prayed over us, worried about us, guided us and supported us in every pursuit! Thank you for every thing you did mom. We love you as always. Love, Audry, Gerard, Toni Santos
To the mom I am always thankful for,
For the love and pag aaruga nga akon gid nabatyagan kag mabatyagan.
So this Mother’s day. Let me shout it out: “THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!”
Happy Mother’s Day, natatanging ina! I love you, mama Judith!

The gift of breath
A hide-and-seek under tablecloth
Indelible jiff, steering me forthwith
Yielded grail
No fear, dubiety nor rue to frail
Fluttering by, like swallowtail
The kindest face
That lulled me with seraphic embrace
My eternal solace

(To my mama, Happy Mother’s Day! Sending you much love from afar)

To Nanay Ma. May Collado:
An ode to my mother

You are many things to me and if I tattoo them into papers, I’m certain that words will never end. Yet allow me to somehow offer a simple tribute in return to your heartfelt deeds.

Thank you,

first, for being truly in love with dad,

for being his refuge when he’s lost and sad,

for giving another great meaning in his life,

for always holding his hand in all the strife.

Thank you,

for enduring pain and hardships in those 9 long months,

for providing me comfort with all your stunts,

for giving birth to me though you nearly died,

for keeping me steady and for standing by my side.

Thank you,

for staying in love with dad though he’s gone,

for being resilient and a brave woman,

for cherishing him and all he had left,

for being you again after you wept.

Thank you,

for lulling me to sleep though you are wearisome,

for always making me safe, for always making me calm,

for keeping me healthy, for keeping me sane,

for keeping me grounded, away from being vain.

Thank you,

for finding ways to give my needs,

for emphasizing the true wheat from weeds,

for widening my perception about the true essence of living,

for motivating me to act in the midst of dreaming.

Thank you,

for prioritizing my welfare more than your own,

for making me feel loved with all the care you’ve sown,

for letting me know that I always have you,

for teaching me the true meaning of “I Love you”.

I would like to greet the most powerful women I have ever met in my life the Happiest Mother’s Day. Words can’t express and fully explain the love, gratification and appreciation I have for the both of you. Thank you for the endless support and for always shining a light on this crazy path called life. I am the best version that I can ever be because of you positive influence.Mother’s day is not enough to celebrate the contributions you both have given to me and to the people around me, so I will try my best to celebrate and appreciate you everyday. I am a strong woman because strong women have raised me, I am Selfless and Loving because these are the traits you have both imbibed in me. I love you Nanay and Tatits, Happy Happy Mother’s Day. – Zeriel Campañera


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