Implementation of CBD project moved to Oct.


ILOIL O City – The Central Business District (CBD) Rehabilitation Project Special Bids and Awards Committee has presented to the media the updated projected schedule of the SBD implementation.

In a previous list shown to media outlets, it was projected that construction will start by January 2015. The new list, however, states that should all go well, the construction may start this October.

“That previous list was never final,” according to City Legal Officer Daniel Dinopol. “Nor this one. Everything is still subject to changes.”

Dinopol said they were presenting the list to the public to explain to them how the system works.

The final schedule will depend on whether or not the project will be awarded to a bidder, and the date of the awarding.

“It’s like the school system – the board makes a tentative list of schedules, but has to revise it time and again until everything fits well,” he said.

Dinopol said they had completed the pre-qualification requirements, which include the following steps:

  • Tendering of Documents (Bids of Reference, Instructions to Bidders, Bid Forms, Draft Project Agreement)
  • Investors’ Meeting
  • Publication of Invitation to Bid – February 24
  • Prequalification Conference – March 14
  • Submission and Qualification Documents – April 10
  • Approval by the city mayor of the Joint Venture Special Committee (JVSC) to limited negotiation procedures (Since there is an only bidder) – April 17
  • Determination/Evaluation of the eligibility of the sole interested bidder – April 17 – May 2
  • Issuance of Notice of Eligibility – May 9
  • Issuance of Tender Documents – May 12-16

SM Prime Holdings, the sole bidder, has submitted their requirements, but has not yet been awarded the project, according to Dinopol.

“The mayor approved our recommendation to go into a limited negotiation procedure. Since we only have one bidder, we will give them time to submit requirements for the next steps,” he said.

Here are the steps the SBAC and the sole bidder will go through until the construction:

  • Start of Bidder’s Preparation and Bidder’s Due Negligence – May 16
  • Pre-Bid Conference – June 5
  • Submission of Technical and Financial Proposals – June 26
  • Evaluation of Technical Proposal – June 26 – July 11
  • Announcement of Technically Compliant Bidders – July 14
  • Issuance of Notice of Qualification and Invitation to the Opening of Financial Proposal – July 15
  • Opening of Financial Proposal – July 24
  • Evaluation of Financial Proposal – July 24 – August 8
  • Joint Venture Special Committee (JVSC) recommendation to award – August 15
  • Approval by the city mayor of the JVSC recommendation to award – August 22
  • Issuance of Notice of Award and Endorsement of Project Agreement to the City Council with Request of *Authority to Enter into Contract – August 29
  • Compliance to the with conditions precedent to the execution of the JV Agreement – September 12
  • Issuance of a Notice to the Bidder saying the bidder has complied with all the requirements precedent to the execution of the JV agreement – September 19
  • Contract and Award Signing – September 30
  • Issuance of Notice to Proceed and start of construction – October 7, 2014
  • Project Completion – October 7, 2014/PN