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Ugly, has been and never was

WHY IS IT that the rabid haters of President Rodrigo Duterte are either ugly, fat, has-been or never was?
In the same line, why is it that the most vocal and loyal supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte are successful, intelligent and most of all sexy and beautiful?
Is it just a coincidence or a cruel twist of fate that these rabid haters of President Rodrigo Duterte were also rabid supporters of former President Noynoy Aquino and defeated presidential wannabe Mar Roxas?
No, of course not, they’re one and the same. When Mar Roxas lost, these supporters just switched to haters; not that they did not hate President Rodrigo Duterte before, their hatred just intensified.
Now these people will cheer anything as long as it makes President Rodrigo Duterte look bad, from natural calamities to the malicious news coming from mainstream media outlets. It makes one wonder where their sense of nationalism is. They don’t care if the Philippines is destroyed as long as President Duterte is also destroyed.
You know I never actually noticed this anomaly till I saw a Facebook post of fellow netizen Atty. Dan Cartagena. And he said something like “why is it that the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte are all sexy and beautiful?” Now these are not his exact words but it goes something like that.
Of course, by himself Atty. Dan Cartagena is a handsome fellow. And comparing him to Cong. Jerry Treñas even with the “soldier outfit” complete with combat boots, Atty. Dan Cartagena still beats Jerry Treñas by a mile. Too bad he lost to Jerry in the last congressional elections.
Let’s take look at the most visible and loud haters of President Rodrigo Duterte. We’ll just mention the male specie but we’ll focus more on the female specie.
For starters, former member of the pop group Apo, Jim Paredes; he’s not a bad-looking bloke but he’s a has-been that never was. When the pop group Apo was in its prime, the main man was Danny Javier; he was the composer and lead singer while Jim Paredes was just a backup singer.
Likewise for Leah Navarro; she was a “one hit wonder” as a pop singer way back in the ‘80s and never had anything else.
Cynthia Patag is another has-been who never was; she never went beyond being the “butt of the joke” supporting actress.
Now you see why they are spewing hatred for President Rodrigo Duterte? They need the publicity to try to stage a comeback for their lost careers that never was in the first place.
Bloggers Raissa Robles and Maria Ressa typify the ugly haters of President Rodrigo Duterte. Just take a look at their pictures in the internet and you’ll instantly agree with me.
When I first saw Maria Ressa I thought she was a 12—year-old boy. And then there’s Sen. Leila de Lima, the most rabid of them all. Need I describe her? Her face is all over the internet and television; just make sure when you watch her you have a strong stomach.
Now compare them with the most visible and vocal women supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte and you can immediately spot the difference. Let’s start with doctor and fellow writer Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, a successful physician, daughter of a former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice and a marathon runner. Her article on the First 100 Days of Duterte made it to The New York Times. Check out her pictures on the internet as against Raissa Robles and you’ll see why Raissa typify ugly.
And finally, blogger Mocha Uson, a licensed Medical Technologist, leader and founder of that very popular female pop group Mocha Girls. She’s the most vocal and popular of all the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte with four million followers. Is she sexy and beautiful? She made it to the cover and spread of a men’s magazine – the immensely popular FHM – and that says it all. And now you know why Maria Ressa hate her. It’s like high school where the most popular and beautiful girl is the target for assassination of the ugly wallflowers./PN



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