Kaya Iloilo settles for draw with Laos in AFC

Tyler Matas of Kaya Futbol Club-Iloilo runs away with the ball from a Lao Toyota defender during their 2019 AFC Cup match on Wednesday night at the Laos National Stadium. AFC CUP

MANILA – Kaya Futbol Club-Iloilo surrendered a late header to settle for a 1-1 draw with Lao Toyota FC of Laos in the 2019 Asian Football Confederation Cup on Wednesday night at the Laos National Stadium.

A header from Sayfa Aphideth in the dying minutes of the match proved to be the heartbreaker for the Ilonggos as they settle for a point each with Lao Toyota in Group H standings.

Kaya Iloilo was aggressive early in the match as they challenge the defense of Lao Toyota goal keeper Outthilath Nammakhoth. The host had two chances to take the lead but Kazuo Homma and Saison Khounsamnan misfired.

Kaya Iloilo broke the scoreless deadlock at the 18th minute as Ilonggo Jovin Bedic smashed the ball across the box past the defense of Nammakhoth on a nice feed from Yannick Tuazon.

The Ilonggos had a chance to widen the lead further in the remaining minutes of the first half but could not find the target. Laos had a chance to equalize early in the second frame but Victor Amaro’s header was off-target.

Kaya Iloilo tried their best to convert the second goal but was unsuccessful until the host team finally scored the game-tying goal at the 87th minute as Aphideth turned home the cross of Kazuo.

Kaya Iloilo had its last opportunity to score the marginal goal but newcomer Darryl Roberts directed his free kick towards to goal bar of Laos.

Kaya Iloilo’s next opponents will be Home United of Singapore on March 13 at the Panaad Park and Stadium in Bacolod City./PN


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