Kris Aquino has a message for James Yap

JUST prior to the annulment of her marriage with James Yap, Kris Aquino experienced what she now considers an omen that the relationship could no longer be salvaged.

Aquino, 48, recalled the peculiar incident in her March 19 vlog titled “Unboxing of Crystals,” where she shows numerous trinkets and details their properties one by one.

At the time, Aquino said she had been wearing a bracelet with crystals honed into two bird figures specifically to attach to each other, “kasi when you’re trying to save your marriage, kung anu-anong paniniwalaan mo.”

Suddenly, she said, despite the bracelet not hitting anything, its beads “exploded” into pieces.

Iyon ‘yung time na mag-pa-file na ng annulment, and I knew, ‘Oh, wala na talaga ‘to. This is it,’” she narrated.

Yap and Aquino were married in 2005, and welcomed their only child together, James Jr. or Bimby, two years later. Their marriage was annulled in 2012, and have since been estranged following a series of legal feuds involving, among others, visitation rights to their son.

Bimby, who is turning 12 in April, is in Aquino’s custody. The actress-host has an older child, 23-year-old Joshua, with actor Phillip Salvador.

Referring to her short-lived marriage with Yap, Aquino said: “Pero at least ‘di ba, it produced Bimb. Thanks! Nagka-Bimb naman ako.”

In a stark contrast to her previous statements about Yap, Aquino also recalled fondly the basketball star’s “kind gesture” of surprising her with a Birkin bag for their wedding anniversary.

“Because mag-bi-birthday si Bimb, magiging 12 na nga siya, I’m letting go of all the negativity that surrounded everything that went wrong,” she said.

Addressing Yap, Aquino added: “The greatest gift talaga is that I have Bimb. So for that, thank you. And God bless you, and have a good life ahead of you. Sincere ‘yan, kasi nagawa straight du’n sa camera.

“Sincerely — dahil nga in a month’s time, Bimb will be 12 — had it not been for you of course, walang Bimb. Thank you for Bimb. God bless you, and God bless your family.”

Yap, 37, and his wife, Michela Cazzola, have two children together. (ABS-CBN News)


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