Kris Aquino’s sons meet with First Lady Liza Marcos

Kris Aquino’s sons, Bimby and Josh, with First Lady Liza Marcos. LIZA MARCOS/FACEBOOK PHOTO
Kris Aquino’s sons, Bimby and Josh, with First Lady Liza Marcos. LIZA MARCOS/FACEBOOK PHOTO

KRIS Aquino’s sons, Bimby and Josh, paid a visit to First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos following their return to the Philippines, an incident that marked the first time in many years that members of the two political families have bonded together.

The First Lady took to Facebook on Tuesday, July 9, to share a photo of the boys’ visit to her office, writing in the caption, “Thank you, Bimby and Josh, for dropping by. It was so nice to see you guys after all these years.”

During their courtesy call, Kris’ sons even brought back a pasalubong (or souvenir) for Araneta-Marcos, featuring what appeared to be a box container from a luxury brand.

The two boys appeared to have been accompanied by their mother’s close friend, fashion designer Michael Leyva, who last year spearheaded the fashion runway project of the First Lady.

The photo gathered numerous positive reactions from the netizens, with most saying that they were delighted by the sight. Among them was actress-host Pokwang, who was a critic of the Marcoses.

Nakaka iyak naman sila. We are so happy to see you both parties,” wrote one netizen.

Mukhang humupa na din naman ang dalawang pamilyang magkalaban. Kaya mabuti talagang nagkabati na,” said another Facebook user.

“Ohh Buti pumayag si Kris Aquino, baka di alam. Or realized time to accept na the defeat of the Aquino’s. Besides she is sick and she should forgive herself and remove political hatred. [cause’] it doesn’t do good to her health to be stress off. Something it can no longer be returned. It’s Marcos time, anyway,” pitched in another netizen.

Bimby and Joshua are the grandchildren of the slain Senator Benigno Aquino Jr., whose death was blamed on the administration of deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos., father of incumbent president and namesake, Bongbong Marcos Jr., to whom Araneta-Marcos is married.

Over the years, the Marcoses and the Aquinos have become embroiled in a political squabble that polarized the nation, though there have been instances in the past where overtures of friendship have been extended to one another’s camp, with Kris even sitting down with Bongbong for a one-on-one interview in 1995.

Kris, in the meantime, remained in California in the Unites States where she is seeking treatment for her autoimmune diseases. She hoped to return to the country before Christmas this year. (Jessica Ann Evangelista, Zacarian Gavin H. Sarao @ Philippine Daily Inquirer)


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