Liza Soberano open to doing another project with Erik Matti in the future

Liza Soberano and Erik Matti

ERIK Matti might have bid goodbye to Darna, but Liza Soberano is still hoping that she will get to work with the director soon. The actress was also very appreciative of the fact that the director invited her to dinner to formally say farewell to her.

“I was really thankful because I don’t think a lot of people will do that. He messaged me just so that he could say goodbye properly to me and I really appreciate that he did that. And I am just really thankful that I had the chance to work with him and I still want to finish a project with him so hopefully in the future if our schedule permits and there is a really good script that he wants to be directing, I really wouldn’t mind doing another film [with him],” she said.

It was in October when direk Erik’s departure from the superhero movie was announced due to “creative differences,” the press statement said. It was a mutual decision between the director and the management.

Liza will continue working on the “Darna” movie with its new director Jerrold Tarog. However, Liza will be working first on an upcoming movie under Black Sheep with onscreen partner Enrique Gil.

“For right now I think we are going to focus with the movie with Quen (Enrique) because we actually have a due date for the movie, so I think we are going to do that first and Darna has to be focused on by direk Jerrold. He’s taking over now so there are some changes,” she shared.

Her movie with Enrique will be directed by Antoinette Jadaone. The actress expressed her excitement working with the blockbuster director for the first time.

“I really liked the vision and mission that she made for our movie. She had this whole presentation for us so we’re excited to be working [with her] and we are excited for our fans to watch it,” Liza said. (Push)


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