Miss Iloilo 2020: Encountering Ilongga’s heartfelt beauty and grace

MISS Iloilo 2020 is Dinagyang’s highest time to celebrate women’s oneness and differences. The high-caliber candidates embodying Miss Iloilo’s vision to show the world the true Ilongga heartfelt beauty and achieving its mission, that is to fully utilize the platform set for growth – we say that they are more than ready – not to compete but to complete each other.

This is also an avenue for the candidates to materialize Miss Iloilo’s firm virtues of faith, hope and love in forwarding their chosen advocacies while also putting their best foot forward.

According to its core group, what makes an Ilongga beautiful is her faith in God and devotion; her hope for a prosperous future of her city and her genuine concern for the needs of other people.

Eleven empowered women with brave Ilonggo blood and fiery passion will hit the ramps of West Visayas State University Cultural Center 7 p.m. tonight.

Watch them as they kick off their journey towards farther roads ahead of them. Join this celebration and experience the true Ilongga heartfelt beauty./PN


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