My heart bleeds for Biron

GUBERNATORIAL bet Cong. Ferjenel Biron lost heavily to Cong. Arthur Defensor Jr., son of incumbent Gov. Arthur Sr.

Ferj waged a good fight, fair and square. And a gentleman that he is, he is not looking for scapegoats for his loss.

Ferj conceded defeat and also extended a hand of reconciliation. He urged his supporters, too, to do the same.

I am sometimes tempted to give my two cent’s worth of analysis why he allowed a self-proclaimed kingpin – also a political voodooist from the North – to call the shots. But not being a part of his media circle, I prefer to keep my mouth shut. After all, what will it profit me?

Cong. Ferjenel Biron is a man of the masses. He was born not with a silver spoon in his mouth. He came from humble beginnings. He had experienced poverty, literally and figuratively. He knows the language of a man struggling hard to get out of poverty.

Ferj doesn’t know me from Adam. He doesn’t even know I exist. I have never met him in person but I support him. My choice is something personal. My previous columns explained why.

I believe in the capabilities of Congressman Biron but during the campaign period I was apprehensive  for the reason that he was in the company of what I consider as scoundrels.

Ferj was promised solid support from a family who specializes in political voodoism. They would promise you the heavens, the sun, the moon and the stars. They would look at you in the eyes without batting an eyelash and say things you want to hear. They could put you under a spell.

I believe Congressman Biron fell into a treacherous trap and he had no way of getting out.

The result of last Monday’s election caused my heart to bleed for Ferj. The man has so much to potential to effect more economic developments to the province.

If it’s any consolation, let me share with you this quote: “You’ll never be BRAVE IF you don’t get HURT. You’ll never LEARN IF you don’t make MISTAKES. You’ll never be SUCCESFUL IF you haven’t encountered FAILURE.” ([email protected]/PN)


  1. As I read your article “My heart bleeds for Biron” it seems to me that the man is more than qualified to bring manna from heaven to our beloved province , so to speak. Which leaves me with no choice but ask question: WHY, is the winning candidate in the person of Toto Defensor Jr. is less qualified? Come on, please do not rub salt to the injury the good congressman is licking right now.

  2. I do voted for him because of his sincerity and clearer vision for Iloilo. I am a healthcare provider and I know he meant what he said. I just hope he will run again 3yrs from now to make his visions a reality. I do believe that he only needs God, his family and his passion to win the election even without the support of those families he once trusted. More power doc Ferj! God bless Iloilo!


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