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Friday, February 3, 2017

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Last night you finally

Made love to me;

You even kissed my

Eyebrows. (#23)


Today is better

Than yesterday —

We finally kissed

Last night. (#24)


Beauty secret —

Because you kiss me hard,

I will always be beautiful. (#25)


Big morning smile —

Let the world wonder

What I had last night. (#26)


Early morning smile —

Let the world wonder

What I had with you

Before breakfast. (#27)


The entertainer —

I enthralled them all

Last night; last night,

You entertained only me. (#28)


True love —

We flirt with others,

But always end up

With each other. (#29)


Boldstar —

Because you desire me,

I boldly show off

My imperfect body. (#30)


Boldstar me —

All the world can see,

But only you can touch. (#31)


Dirty secret —

You smiled at me

While I was hugging him. (#32)


Open relationship —

We choose to be

With different partners

Tonight. (#33)


Again, our story —

You like her,

She adores me,

I choose you. (#34)


Our three kisses:

The public, the moviehouse,

And the one

Under the stars. (#35)


Your knowing smile —

You let me flirt in public  

So you can ravish me

In secret. (#36)


I let you shine

In the public eye

Because I know

You are mine. (#37)


Public meeting —

The guy, who painted me

Naked, smiled at me tonight;

I smiled back at him. (#38)


Two loves —

I love the world, but

I only want to wake up

In your arms. (#40)


Morning after —

We are beautiful

Without the party clothes. (#41)


Morning after —

You still kiss me hard

Even with a hangover. (#42)





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