No need for ‘backers’ to work in gov’t, CSC says

ILOILO City – An endorsement from influential people, including politicians, is unnecessary when applying for a government position, stressed the Civil Service Commission.

“There’s nothing in the guidelines” that makes an endorsement a requirement, said CSC chairwoman Alicia dela Rosa-Bala.

Bala emphasized that the government hires workers based on their qualifications and educational background.

“Sometimes people think being endorsed by someone (influential) will make it easier for them to enter government service,” she said.

When hiring teachers, for example, the Department of Education requires that the applicants have a four-year college education, civil service eligibility and teaching experience, and are passers of the Licensure Examination for Teachers, among others, she said.

These requirements are CSC-approved, Bala told reporters when she visited the city last Thursday.

Currently there are around 264,000 job vacancies in the public sector, according to the Department of Budget and Management.

Most of the available jobs are for teachers, military personnel, medical workers, and general civil servants.

These vacancies must be filled within five years; otherwise, the positions will be abolished, the DBM told agencies.

In addition, the CSC plans to revisit the qualification standards that government agencies and offices have set when hiring workers.

“We encourage [agency and office heads] to adopt the minimum requirements so that people can qualify to enter public service,” said Bala./PN


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