PCG warns passengers against ‘colorum vessels’ this Holy Week

MANILA – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) warned riders against “fly-by-night” or “colorum” inter-island passenger vessels that would surface to take advantage of the Holy Week and summer season.

PCG spokesman Armand Balilo reminded passengers not to patronize “colorum” ships and boats, which are likely unregistered and have no guarantee of safety.

“People going to the provinces by boat should not patronize these ‘colorum bancas.’ These unregistered ships can endanger the lives of passengers as they do not undergo regular inspection,” said Balilo.

The anti-colorum coast guard will continue monitoring ports to make sure no unauthorized ships can travel in different ports and terminals in the provinces to prevent sea accidents.

“Safety of the public is our primary concern, that’s why we are very serious in monitoring and apprehending these colorum vessels. These vessels, if tolerated may cause a major tragedy which we don’t like to happen,” Balilo said.

“First and foremost, they won’t give any insurance to the passengers when a maritime incident occurs. Most of them lack life vests and carry defective life rafts onboard,” he added.

The PCG announced the coast guard action center has opened its hotline 0917-PCG-DOTC (0917-724-3682), 24/7 to accommodate any concerns, inquiries or reports from the public.

“Colorum” ships, commonly fishing vessels, usually are unregistered or lack necessary documentary requirements, thus do not comply with the standards set by the maritime industry authority on the safety aspects./PN


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