Record Your 2019: How diary keeping can make you see the beauty of everyday

I ONCE came across a quotation: “Everyday may not be good but there’s something good in every day.” I read that sentence during some perilous times. Happiness only seemed to be a phantasm and hope was slightly turning invisible.

The aforementioned quotation gave me an idea that there must be a blessing, even just a tiny one, everyday. Because of this pursuit of finding the beauty in everyday, I made the best decision: I decided to keep a diary, to record all of my “everyday’s” into one notebook.


When I was in high school, I had countless failed attempts in writing everyday in my diary. I could vividly recall how my classmate told me that I keep on wasting these notebooks since I put a stop in my writing anyway.

But when I reached the age of 18, I decided that this time I am going to take it seriously. I chose a thick pink notebook and wrote my thoughts every single day. Good days or bad, I made sure that it was recorded.

In the year 2017, I kept writing in my diary. The bad days outweighed the number of the good ones and there was that voice saying that maybe I should stop writing. But then, I decided that keeping a diary is not just a hobby, it is a commitment. Just because things are getting bad doesn’t mean that you have the right to back out. Despite self-declaring 2017 as the worst year of my life, I decided to just keep on pushing through with my diary keeping.

In my third year of keeping a diary, I decided to make a change in order to meet the main purpose why I started to write one. In each of the entries, it wrote “Thank you Lord for this day.” And when there are bad days, I made it a habit to list down all the good things I received and my bad mood becomes the exact opposite when I do so.

With this simple change I made, I realized that it’s true; everyday may not be good but there’s something good in everyday. Light outweighs darkness all the time just as the good experiences overshadow the bad. The mere fact that your eyes opened for another day is a blessing itself. Appreciation, gratitude, and happiness are what I’ve earned in my three consecutive successful years of diary keeping.

A week before January 1, 2019, I bought a new notebook and made sure that they would provide enough space for the thoughts I’ll have in 365 days. My pen is ready and so are the colored pencils just in case I want to add some hues to the pages.


Since it is the New Year, why don’t you keep a diary? Write your experiences every day and see all the blessings that you received. A diary is a best friend and a confidant. Make sure to have one this 2019./PN


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