Report salary delay, city gov’t job hires told

ILOILO City – Delays in the release of salaries must be reported to the Pag-ulikid Customer Care Center of city hall, City Administrator Hernando Galvez told city government job hires.

“The customer care center received specific instructions to monitor (the job hires’) payment,” he said as he announced the shortening of the processing of job order contracts starting this month.

The city’s Internal Audit Office, meanwhile, was instructed to determine the reasons behind the delays and recommend the proper actions to be introduced.

Under the new processing procedure, the renewal of the job contract would only need two signatures – those of the job hire and the city mayor.

Previously, said Galvez, the other signatories aside from the mayor and the job hire were the city treasurer and city budget officer.

For the month of February, the city mayor already signed all the job order contracts.

Galvez urged each department heads to assign someone to follow up their office staff’s payroll to ensure there would be no delays.

He also said the city mayor was always accessible to sign job order contracts for the speedy release of salaries.

“Pagsugata ninyo kay mayor sa elevator, kun may mapapirma we’ll make it a policy basta sweldo biskan diin pirma,” Galvez emphasized.

Mayor Jose Espinosa III said the new procedure should address the complaints of job hires on the delayed release of their salaries.

“Ako ‘ya ang ginabasol pirmi,” said Espinosa. “May changes kita para madula ang mga huring-huring nga ako ga-cause sang delay. Kun diri sa akon ang delay then I will accept the responsibility.”/PN


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