Roxas City going ‘virtual’ with Sinadya 2020 fest

ROXAS City – This year’s Sinadya 2020 “Pista sang Immaculada Concepcion” here – with the highlight tomorrow, Dec. 8 – is being celebrated with several virtual activities because of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.

There have been daily online novena Masses at the Immaculate Conception Metropolitan Cathedral since Nov. 29.

Today (Dec. 7) and tomorrow (Dec. 8) will be the Vespers and Feast Day Masses.

“Sa pihak sang gina-atubang nga pandemya, kita nagpangita sang mga bag-o nga inobasyon agud maselebrar ini nga luwas sa peligro,” said Mayor Ronnie Dadivas.

The celebration this year may not be grand as but “ang importante mapakita ta ang mabakud nga pagtuo, kag magpasalamat sa padayon nga pag-ubay sang Mahal nga Birhen sa aton,” he added.

Aside from religious activities of the local church, the city government has launched a series of activities, some of them virtual.

There’s the yearly “Bantog Pasalamat”. This year it will honor via a virtual program the heroic deeds of individual and entities to address the pandemic.

There’s also the “Kasanag”, a barangay parol-making contest in partnership with Eyecn Creates.

Open to all barangays in this city, winners will get P20,000 for the grand prize and P10,000 for the winning artist; P15,000 for the second placer and P8,000 for its artist; and P10,000 for the third placer and P6,000 for its artist.

Other virtual events:

* “Hugod” – recognizing inspiring and resilient businesses during this pandemic

* “Amba Maria” – a virtual Marian singing competition

* “Himaya Maria” – a virtual spoken word poetry competition in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary

* “Bitoon and LGBT Parol Headdress Virtual Competition

* “Agubay” – celebrating the spirit of generosity with marginalized residents of Roxas City

* “Tinda Sinadya” – a buy-and-go trade fair of Roxas City small and medium enterprises

* “Tugalbo” – an online cosplay competition

* “K-Connect” – a K-Pop virtual dance and song competition.

The two-day “Tinda sa Sinadya” opened yesterday./PN


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