The perfect overnight stay at Seda Atria

THE best relaxation comes from the hotel that can offer the best accommodation. Seda Atria provides the perfect overnight stay for friends and family.

There are a lot of things to do when checking in at Seda Atria. First, you get to enjoy the Straight Up Bar. Located at the top floor of the hotel, the Straight Up Bar provides drinks and a chill venue where you can have cool conversations. As you take a sip of your drink, you get to have a great view of the cityscape.

Seda Atria also offers an in-house massage. When you feel stressed or you’re craving for a time to relax, then you better avail the massage. Yes, massage therapists themselves will come inside your hotel room and give you the best relaxing treatment your body is asking for.

Another thing to look forward to is the breakfast buffet at Misto. The restaurant is filled with different kinds of world class dishes, desserts, and drinks. Your empty stomach is going to be satisfied with all the choices that you have for the breakfast buffet at Misto. It is the greatest breakfast that you could ever ask for.

Of course, the night you spend at Seda Atria will guarantee the best rest. Lying down the soft bed and feeling the sophisticated and homey ambiance, you are going to fall asleep and wake up with the biggest smile on your face.

Stay at Seda Atria to experience the best accommodation./PN


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