THE NOTION of playing computer games as a kind of sport raises a lot of eyebrows. Esports is very different from the traditional sports we know like basketball and volleyball. With esports, one competes against his or her opponent through electronic devices. Only a few would wonder what is truly behind these tournaments. In an exclusive interview with a young esports enthusiast, Panay News delved into the world of professional esports gaming to share with our readers.

By watching live tournaments, all we see are gamers staring at computer screens, but what we don’t see are the people working behind the curtains to make the event possible.

Justin Banusing

Justin Banusing is a sophomore at the University of Washington, but was born and raised in Iloilo City. He’s only 19 years old but has accomplished so much in life; from organizing events, managing a business, and editing in a newspaper on top of his school work.

As an Esports enthusiast, he claimed he’s not really good at playing video games. He described himself as “lawlaw maghampang.

Justin shared with us his advocacy to promote the field of esports. He said that whatever degree you have obtained, depending on what you want to do in life, there is a place for you in this industry.

“Almost every kind of career has a place in esports because it’s a multi-billion dollar industry.”

Justin shared with us some of the careers available in the esports industry:

*Software development – Esports is nothing without the games, and these games are developed by a software engineer. Creating a game takes a lot of planning, from coding to designing to making the games more interesting and challenging enough for the people to play.

*Event Organization – For the esports industry to prosper, events such as tournaments are needed. It is a venue for teams to showcase their ability. Organizing a successful event is no easy task and skilled event organizers are needed for that.

*Creative Content – Have you ever seen a poster so boring it feels like you have wasted two seconds of your life by looking at it? That’s why esports need graphic designers and video editors to create pre and post content – posters, AVPs, you name it – that will entice people and other enthusiasts to keep wanting for more.

*Health Practitioners – Because the player is the frontline in this industry, they need to be taken care of. Playing video games for a long time exposes one’s body to a number of health risks. Gamers need doctors to keep them healthy physically and mentally.

These are few of the professions anyone can take in the field of esports. Our heartfelt gratitude to Justin who shared with us his valuable insights and advocacy to promote the different careers in this booming industry./PN


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