February 14, 2018

BACOLOD City – Former mayor MonicoPuentevella considers filing an administrative complaint against the City District Engineering Office, the city government and Rep. Greg Gasataya before the Office of the President.

Puentevella said the complaint is regarding the excavations on the Circumferential Road near Burgos Street in Barangay Villamonte.

The excavations have drawn scorn from several netizens who complained of experiencing inconvenience.

According to Puentevella, his legal counsel is studying what will be included in the complaint.

Puentevella added that the complaint is his response to the local officials “allowing a mockery on the traffic system” in the city.

Puentevella said the road that was excavated was still “in good condition,” calling the project a “pure corruption” and an “embarrassment to President Rodrigo Duterte’s transparency program.”

City District Engineer Abraham Villareal appealed for the public’s understanding and patience amid the road rehabilitation project in the city.

The project is dubbed as the “rehabilitation, reconstruction and improvement of road section all the way to Homesite.”

Villareal said the 400-meter city road is “defective.”

Based on City District Engineering Office’s evaluation, which was approved by the Public Works department central office, the road is experiencing “severe scaling.”

He added that the local offices of the Public Works department cannot just excavate roads without any study or evaluation.

Regular maintenance measures would not do any good and would even be “too costly,” Villareal stressed.

The rehabilitation project started on Feb. 5. Villareal said they target to complete the project “after a month and a half.”/PN


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