Your 3-minute shot to glory, 2nd of 3 parts


Cinema is a visual medium.

Visual storytelling.

Not literature.

Films are moving images.


Film is cousin to photography.

They are related.

So yes, a slideshow of the most wonderful photography can make a film.

It just depends on how you make it artsy enough.

And how you move your viewers, our jurors.

And how you outdo those who make real moving pictures.


The possibilities for 3-minute silent films are endless.

The usual: drama, comedy, horror, love story, children’s, and all those other genre also found in talkies.

But also think: animation, cartoons, comics, hand illustrations, stop-motion, cut-outs, CGIs.

Think black and white movies.

Think colorful montages.

Think filmed pantomimes, dance dramas.



Knock yourself out.

It’s probably not my favorite form for a 3-minute silent film.

But go ahead, and surprise us.

If it’s good, it will find its way.

I remember filming the slaughter of a carabao when I first had a videocam in 1990.

One long continuous shot.

It was actually pretty powerful.


If you are climbing Mt. Everest, or walking on Mars, a 3-minute silent would be awesome.

I’ve seen one location, one-frame, time-lapsed photography that has more emotional punch than a 95-minute talking picture.

So, who’s to say that a documentary can’t be done without words?



A.k.a. MPEG-4 Part 14

Save your movie in mp4 format.

This is the only format we will accept.

If you don’t know what this is, or how to do this, don’t bother to enter the competition.

Go home, and plant camote instead.


My filmmaker friend wants to complicate things for me.

He said, Require entries to have h.264 for a good resolution.

Somebody else told me that h.264 and mp4 is the same thing.

Whatever. I say, “Keep it simple: mp4”.

You take care of your video quality, but keep it mp4.

If your film cannot play on my system, it’s your fault.


In most likelihood, I will create a special email address (maybe a website) where you can submit your films.

It’s really too soon to tell.

But if you want to twist my arm right now, here are the three default emails you can use:

I own these addresses so this is the best way to contact me.

But hold your horses until June 15, 2019.


I’m giving you at least two months head start (April, May, to mid-June) to make, and edit, your films.

I will be open to receive your entries starting June 15 until the June 30 deadline.

I’m still working to simplify the form requirements.

But we will be paperless.

I’m thinking of doing away with a lot of formalities, a.k.a. bureaucracy.

Like, do I really want a notarized entry form?


I mean, maybe I should just require your notarized Affidavit of Film Ownership after you have been made an Official Selection.

That is to say, among the 30 to 40 best film entries.

I mean, if you are not even getting a certificate of participation/selection, why should I require you to spend money on the services of a notary public?

If your film doesn’t make it to The Peter Solis Nery Foundation International Film Festival (The PSNFIFF), why should I make you jump through all the hoops?

It’s hard enough to make an excellent 3-minute silent film!



That, yes.

The contest is open to everyone on the planet.

If a chimpanzee with a video camera can make a better 3-minute silent film (chimpanzees have more chances because chimpanzees do not use dialogues), the chimpanzee will win.

So, yeah.

The PSNFIFF is blind to these: age, race, color, species, sex (or absence thereof), religious and political beliefs, sexual orientation, geographical and ethnic origins, of the filmmaker.

We are only looking for Film. Art. Beauty. Uniqueness. Something that touches the humanity in the film viewers. (To be continued on Monday/PN)


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