CPU most haunted?

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

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IF YOU’VE ever gone to school at Central Philippine University (CPU) in Iloilo City or met someone who has, you will know that the whole campus is probably pretty much haunted.

From stories of the unexplained death of a roving guard at a tree house behind the Elementary Building, to cautionary tales of jogging around the CPU field in the wee hours of the day and being inexplicably joined by a spectral being, to hairy imp-like creatures causing havoc to campus property – the accounts of horror go on and on. When you’re campus is over a century old, the ghost and ghouls just probably accumulate.

Here are what are claimed to be some of the most haunted places in CPU.


No one dares pass by the Roblee Science Hall at night, alone. Many ghost stories have heard about the hall – in fact, it was once featured in the Philippine Ghost Stories.

It is said that a little girl with chains around her wrists and feet plays around the hallways. Some students would sometimes hear the scrape of metal being dragged on the floor or her muffled crying as if asking for help.

Roblee, being one of the CPU buildings that survived World War 2, was home to Japanese soldiers during the war. There’s also the urban legend that Roblee Hall will sometimes vanish into thin air at 3 a.m. in the morning.


The Boy’s CR at the first floor of the building is said to be the hiding place of a white lady. Some also claim that they have seen the beheaded ghost of CPU’s founder, Dr. William Valentine roaming around the building every night, greeting unwitting wanderers with his severed head in his hand (Even though the history books say Valentine died of malaria, ahahaha).

  1. 3 FRANKLIN HALL (Men’s Dormitory)

Being one of CPU’s oldest buildings, Franklin Hall has its own share of ghost stories. Some dormers claim that the ghost of a young man said to have committed suicide in the building appears to them. A white lady said to appear at the Roblee Science Hall – just a vacant lot across the dorm – is also rumored to have startled many students looking out their windows, as the ghostly figure seemsto be watching them from the next building.


Johnson Hall is one of CPU’’s oldest buildings. The hall’s third floor served as a dormitory for Theology students before, but was eventually closed. Some stories would say that a doppelganger haunts the Faculty Room of the Department of Religion and Ethics in the second floor and some rooms in the former dormitory.

  1. 5 WESTON HALL (Ladies Dormitory)

Some say that they would hear footsteps along the dormitory stairs even when no one is around.


According to stories, the High School Compound is haunted by the ghost of a disturbed little girl always roaming around the area.

Some also say that a worker was trapped inside one of the pillars, when the building was under construction. However, this claim was never proven.

In 2012, two girls were allegedly possessed in one of the rooms. CPU’s Chaplain’s office immediately responded during that time. (maverhick.blogspot.com/PN)



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