5 arrested for playing ‘tumbô’


ILOILO City – Five men landed at the Molo police station lockup cell for illegal gambling.

They were playing cara y cruz or tumbo in Barangay Boulevard, Molo district.

The suspects were Cezar Mendoza, 22, of Barangay Boulevard; Cian Carlo Buenafe, 26, of Barangay Compania Central, and Edgardo Magbanua, 22, of Barangay Calumpang, all of Molo; and Larry Pausan, 34, of Barangay Tanza Bonifacio and Marani Adolfo, 26, of Barangay Tanza Esperanza, both of the City Proper.

The five were arrested around 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 20.

They face charges for violation of Presidential Decree 1602./PN