Let’s go explore KinderCity, the ultimate indoor playground! KinderCity is the newest indoor playground to open its doors in the Philippines. More than just play, every nook and cranny in KinderCity is specifically designed to provide kids and adults an interactive way to explore and learn. The playground itself is a toddler’s most vivid fantasies made into reality— the explosion of colors in the ball pit, ricochet-like trampolines, exhilarating slides and obstacles, huge selections of toys, the refreshingly fun fruit pit, and bedazzling fairy lights spoil your senses and set you in the mood for fun and as soon as you set foot in KinderCity!

Let your imagination run wild and be anything you want to be in Once Upon a Town, KinderCity’s assortment of playhouses. Unleash the inner barista in you in the Gingerbread Café, hit it the rockabilly way in the 50’s-style KC Diner, shop ‘til you drop in the Mini All Day Supermarket, sail the seven seas of fun with SS KinderCity, and so many more! The sky’s the limit for fun when you’re in KinderCity. 

Did all the playtime get you hungry? Fill up for more fun and dine in Kinder Café! Enjoy classic meals reminiscent of diners and carnivals: sliders, candies, corndogs, popcorn, milkshakes, and chicken fingers among others. You could also go loco and device a waffle of your own creativity with Waffle Dash! The fun doesn’t just end in the playground.

Look no further for the best day ever— you could have your birthday in KinderCity!  Choose from a variety of themes and make your day memorable: play ala-cirque de soleil with the carnival theme, live happily every after with the princess theme, rev up and ride the highway to fun with the racing theme, or lead the party pact with safari theme. Celebrate the gifts of life and fun! Food, fun, playtime; what more could you ask for? There ain’t no party like a KinderCity party!

For only P250, kids and adults alike can enjoy this one-of-a-kind indoor playground experience. Still not enough? P400 entails your three full-fledged hours of fun in KinderCity.

It’s all about fun in KinderCity! Once you’ve set foot inside, there’s no doubt that you’d catch that Kindercity itch— begging to be scratched on your next visit.

What are you waiting for? Come one, come all to KinderCity, the ultimate indoor playground!


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