Arjo on ‘Bagman’ series: ‘Wildest role I’ve ever done!’

Dreamscape Digital just released the full trailer of their new action thriller digital series, “Bagman,” featuring the “The General’s Daughter” actor Arjo Atayde.

Arjo, who also became known for his role as Biggie Chen in the 2018 highly acclaimed action film, “BuyBust,” shared the digital series’ poster on his Twitter account and wrote, “Wildest role I’ve ever done.”

“Bagman” is an original iWant series that follows the story of a barber played by Arjo, who was forced to work as a bagman and get involved in the dark web of politics and corruption.

The first six episodes of Bagman series can be watched exclusively on iWant app for free, starting March 20, while the last three episodes will be streamed on March 27. (Push)


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