Bacolod City needs more blood donors

BACOLOD City – The city council passed a resolution establishing a blood donation program in every barangay and public high school in the city.

Councilor Em Ang, author of the proposed ordinance, said the city council already approved it in the second reading last week.

“The ordinance is now scheduled for the approval of the Sangguniang members for the third and final reading next week during the regular session,” Ang said.

She noted Bacolod City is having a shortage of blood reserve in the blood banks and blood centers.

“It is just fitting for the city to pass a measure to promote awareness to the citizenry by establishing an incentive-giving program to raise the blood reserve in the city,” she said.

The proposed ordinance will be dubbed as “The Bacolod Voluntary Blood Donation Ordinance” which aims to promote voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation to the residents./PN


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