Bacolod diocese: Don’t sell your vote, it’s precious

Giant tarpaulins of “Ang Pangako Ko 2019” movement are mounted on San Sebastian Cathedral’s facade in Bacolod City. Bishop Patricio Buzon led the initiative which aims to encourage Negrenses cast their votes responsibly. PNA

BACOLOD City – The Diocese of Bacolod has launched a movement to counter “vote-selling” in view of the May 13 elections.

Bishop Patricio Buzon led the initiative dubbed as “Ang Pangako Ko 2019” to encourage people cast their votes responsibly.

“Don’t sell your vote. It is precious. It is priceless,” said Buzon.

The Diocese of Bacolod, through its Social Action Center (SAC), has partnered with the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas Negros Occidental Chapter and the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting, to promote the call amid the prevalence of “vote-buying” and “vote-selling.”

“This is really a crucial election. This is our very life as a people and as a church. Let us pray that each one of us would be responsible in using our vote for the good of everyone,” the bishop said.

SAC director Reverent Father Chris Gonzales meanwhile urged Negrense voters to uphold the dignity of the elections by not selling their votes and choosing the right candidates.

“While the politicians are busy campaigning, we should also campaign for orderly, peaceful and honest elections in Negros,” he added.

Negros Occidental is the fifth vote-rich province in the country with a total of 1.889-million voters. (With a report from PNA/PN)


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