Bea breaks silence on controversy

A month after her cryptic post hinting at infidelity let loose the year’s biggest showbiz controversy thus far; Bea Alonzo broke her silence on social media Tuesday with a positive message about being loved.

On Instagram, the actress shared an old photo of her with her mother, which she found “in the midst of her home renovation.”

“I was going through old photos to choose what to put on our family wall when I saw this picture. I think I was one year old when this picture was taken,” she wrote.

Alonzo went on: “My mom was carrying me and I had the biggest smile as I was enjoying the chocolate given to me by my Lola. Simple lang ang buhay.”

“I was not born with a silver spoon, but I was raised knowing that I am loved. Knowing this warms my heart. I hope you could see how big my smile is right now while reminiscing my childhood.”

The post on Tuesday was also her first since her former teleserye co-star Julia Barretto, on the same social media platform, accused Alonzo of “bullying” her by deliberately liking photos alleging an affair between Barretto and Anderson.

Anderson has already cleared Barretto’s name as a factor in his separation from Alonzo. Barretto, likewise, denied any involvement with the breakup during her last statement. (ABS-CBN News)


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