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All arrows pointing to dictatorship

THE IDEAL behind a presidential, democratic system of government is the co-existence and co-equal powers lodged in the three branches of government: the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. Among the three though, the judicial branch is the weakest. The legislators make laws, the judiciary interprets the law, but the executive holds the purse string, the coffers of the government.
During the martial law regime, the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Fernando became the “umbrella man” of First Lady Imelda Marcos. Symbolically and empirically the Supreme Court was subservient to “the royal family in Malacañang.” Today, the ugly story of martial law revives itself again. No matter how many tons of evidence the nine justices may cite to substantiate their decision to allow the burial of the dictator in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, it is still unacceptable to the Philippine populace. By the mysterious nine’s decision, they just reminds us how corrupt the impeached Chief Justice Corona was.
Imee Marcos reminds us how Kabataang Barangay was originally organized with her as the national chairman. Nice premise but it turned out to be part of the mechanism. Now we have movements to empower local areas, nice again, but can we not recall the barangays organized and the “siopao referenda and plebiscites” used to legitimize dictatorship?
If nine justices decided in favor of the Marcoses who have been disdained by the Filipinos, what is the likelihood of Vice President Leni Robredo being ousted and replaced by the dictator’s son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.?
Can we not be vigilant to notice the semblances of “warrantless arrests” and the possibility of the suspension of the privilege of Writ of Habeas Corpus or the Writ of Amparo? Did not dictator Ferdinand Marcos dissolve the Legislature and took over absolute control of government? Was he not able to change the Constitution to realize his ambition to perpetuate himself in power?
The signs of times are clear. Had Miriam Defensor-Santiago survived and won the election, we could be shouting now, in glee or in fear, “Hail to the Al Duce! Son of the dictator Marcos, our new king.”
We need a decisive, strong leader, not consistent in the inconsistencies of his pronouncements. We need a leader who fears God and respects the sacredness of life. ([email protected]/PN)



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