BENEATH & BEYOND | Going to war to find peace

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Monday, April 10, 2017

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NATIONS go to war to find peace. In praise of war, Honor Bonet said, “… war is not evil, it is good, virtuous…by its very nature it seeks nothing other than set the wrong right, and turn dissension into peace, in accord with the Scripture.”

Political analysts said war is just a step away. Why not? The Big Powers of the United Nations are involved in the events taking place in Syria. United States’ President Donald Trump ordered the sending of Tomahawk cruise missiles from its warship in the Eastern Mediterranean towards the Shayrat Airfield (an important base of Russian forces that support the dictatorial Syrian regime) where cruise missiles launched hit out 59 out of 60 targets.

But why the inconsistency of the US President’s pronouncements? USA declared then it should take its hands off from the military and political troubles in Syria. Trump’s decision was swift. He claimed it was triggered by the Syrian President/dictator Bashar al-Asad who ordered a chemical attack in Idlib province of Syria where the ISIS and the terrorists (inclusive of those who oppose the dictatorial regime) should be eliminated. From the declaration of non-intervention in the troubled Syria then, there is a shift for the US mission which includes the removal of the Russian, Hezbollah and Iran-backed puppet dictator, Bashar a-Assad.

Trump’s order left the heartbreaking sight of dead bodies and children paralyzed or dying. One cannot help from feeling the pain and the ordeal of these people. The gas used in the chemical warfare is 20 times deadly than cyanide, those who inhaled the fumes became paralyzed and if not medically helped die in a minute.

This is the concern of the whole world and of every human being. Russia as a member of the Big Five (China, France, United States of America, United Kingdom and Russia) of the United Nations disapproved the destruction of chemical warfare in Syria, and its negative vote is equivalent to a veto on the action proposed by the United Nations.

The UN Security Council has tried to bring to the fore the issue on security and peace in Syria but the conflict is still brewing. Both Russia and the United States have their own reasons on attacks and condemnation.

In his book “War and Peace”, Leo Tolstoy said, “War is ugly…the aim of war is killing. Its instruments are espionage, treason and the encouragement of it, the ruins of inhabitants, robbing or stealing to supply the army.”

In fact, this is now the deadly game of the powerful countries, fighting the war in foreign soil, not in their own country. This is a show, too, of the balance of terror. So, no one would dare move. If chemical weapons are used in the final war, no one will survive and no one will win. The prophesy will come to pass. ([email protected]/PN




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