Editorial cartoon for May 13, 2019

TODAY, May 13, election day, the most powerful persons in the country are the voters. But they could also be the most dumb.

Here’s the thing: We keep on taking to task the government for lapses in governance but we keep on repeating the same mistakes of electing the wrong leaders. We have a derisive lingo for it: bobotante – a play on the Filipino words bobo (dumb) and botante (voter).

Well, it is true: we get the government that we deserve. So vote wisely today keeping in mind the nation’s best interest.

Go out there and vote early. People who do not vote have no right to complain if those who end up in power are corrupt or do not know how to properly lead this country.

And oh, just a healthy reminder to all voters: do not accept, free of charge, directly or indirectly transportation allowance, food and drinks as these may undermine the integrity of the election. You are helping put corrupt politicians into power if you exchange your votes for money or other rewards. The whole country will suffer ultimately.

Never accept money from candidates or their emissaries. Or you can be practical and wise by just accepting the money but vote what your conscience is telling you. Remember: We the voting public should perform our civic duties and vote for the people we think would best lead us.

And yes, as we cast our votes let us report to authorities whatever election irregularities we may spot. Remember, ensuring an honest election is a duty not only left to the government. Let us safeguard our votes against cheaters and poll manipulators.

Let us be vigilant against election fraud. It is the responsibility of every citizen to safeguard his/her vote.

Do not be a bobotante.


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