BORDERLESS | Choice, chance, change

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

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MARCH is graduation month for most of the schools. Students look forward for this month to come because they will finally reap the fruits of their labor. 

I remember my own graduation in college 12 years ago. I was both sad and ecstatic. Sad because I would be separated from my classmates and friends and I was afraid of the future. But I was ecstatic, too, because my four years of studying hard would finally be rewarded. I was excited to get out of college, get a job and fulfill my dreams.

While we were singing our alma mater song, I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. All good and happy memories of my college years flashbacked. 

I remember being independent at an early age of 17. I was away from home to study in the country’s premier university. My mom gave me my allowance and I decided what to do with the money. While others enjoyed the perks of being at home with their mothers preparing everything for them,  I was doing my own laundry, buying my own groceries and food.  I felt homesick and sad especially during my first few months in college.

However, I did not dwell on being sad forever. I made friends with my classmates and appreciated the beauty of Miag-ao. Morever, the friendship I had with four girls in our class was my most cherished moment in college. For four years, my barkada became my family. We comforted and supported each other through ups and downs.

My college graduation opened doors for me. This became my gateway to endless opportunities. I was scared, no doubt, but I remained hopeful that I would be able to find my place in the sun.

For college graduates, I want to share a few tips as they traverse a new road. First, prepare a solid resumé. Think of all the activities you accomplished in college. Now is the time to put it on paper. Employers want applicants who showed hard work in school. They look at good grades and achievements. Hence, if you work hard in college, now is your time to shine.

Second, clean your social media accounts. Employers nowadays conduct background information check through the social media accounts of their applicants. Now is the best time to remove information which can hamper your chances of getting your dream job. Your social media account speaks a lot about you. Hence, even before applying for a job, start cleaning your social media accounts, especially your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Third, write down short- and long-term goals. Ask yourself what you want to happen in your life in the next few years. By just looking at that piece of paper where you write your plans, you will be motivated to do something to achieve these goals. As a fresh graduate, you must have a vision. This vision will lead you to where you want to be.

Fourth, apply to at least four to five jobs every week, especially if you are unemployed. Jobs will not look for you; you are the one who should look for a job. The more job applications you send out the more chances of you getting a job.

Fifth, be optimistic that the future will be bright. If you are positive, things will work out good for you because you have the drive and you believe in yourself that you can achieve your plans.

To end, I have read in Pinterest about the 3 Cs in life: Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.

It’s a matter of choosing what makes you happy and the belief that you will be able to survive life’s changes. ([email protected]/PN)





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