BORDERLESS | Onward to the stars

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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TO MY Baby Girl,

Today is your Moving up Ceremonies. I am very proud of what you have become. I admire your enthusiasm in studying your lessons. Your zest for learning is insatiable and that leads you in getting the awards you dream of.

I pray that you remain humble amidst your success. A proud person will never achieve anything in life. Remember that your knowledge and wisdom came from God, hence, you do not have the right to brag because you do not own anything.

Be grateful to your teachers who are God’s instruments in inculcating knowledge into your young mind. Always remember how your teachers patiently introduced you to the intricacies of Mathematics, Science and Health, English, Mother Tongue and even the values in Christian Living. Wherever you will go, put your teacher’s name in your heart.

Never stop learning. As you reach another stage in your academic life, never ever stop learning. Open books that will usher you to a new world. Watch TV programs that teach you values to live by and most of all continue being curious in almost anything. But remember, in trying out new things, do not forget to ask me or your dad for guidance. After all, you are our Baby, we will be really glad in introducing you to new ideas.

Go for your dreams. This is one of the reasons why you work hard in school, right? Hence, keep on dreaming and reaching for the stars. You told me once, you want to be a doctor. Do not be afraid to reach for that dream. Work hard to get it. Do not forget to pray to God for guidance as you traverse the road he has prepared for you. The world is dangerous out there and hence, you need to be careful always.

I hope whatever you will achieve in life, you will never forget Mama and Papa, and Granny and Grandpa and your aunts and uncles who love you dearly. Always remember we are here for you no matter what. Other people will put you down; do not worry, we will serve as your backbone. We will be your cheerleaders. We will be your confidant. We will be your friends.

Enjoy the celebration of your success and please know that Mama is proud of you little munchkin for bringing home most of the academic awards: Math, Science, English, and Mother Tongue.


Fly high my Baby/ Mama will always be the wing beneath your wings. (




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